Three-phase asynchronous motors with slip ring rotor

Slip ring motors are a certain type of asynchronous machines. The difference to short circuit rotors is the replacement of a cage with a three-phase rotor winding which is conducted outward via slip rings. There are slip ring systems with permanently seated brushes or with brush-lifting device (manual or motorized) available.

Slip ring motors have been used as drives for many decades where high starting torques with concurrently low starting current and soft starting are required (f. ex. crane drives, belt drives). Therefore, the use of relatively simple technical means makes it possible to forgo complex frequency inverter systems as long as permanent speed control is not necessary.

AEM develops and manufactures asynchronous machines with slip ring rotors in three types with differences mainly in the type of cooling and degree of protection. Our range of production includes surface-cooled (R-series), force-ventilated (A-series) and tube-cooled (U-series) types. The slip ring motors may be implemented as low voltage machines (up to 1000 V) with an output of 160 kW up to 1900 kW or as medium voltage machines (up to 6900 V) with an output ranging from 110 kW to 1750 kW. At AEM, each machine may be adjusted constructionally and electrically according to customer specifications. Thus, it is possible to flexibly and cost-efficiently modernize older facilities or realize new ones.

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slip ring rotor
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