Rotating frequency converter produced by AEM

Rotating frequency converters are sets consisting of a drive and a generator. Unlike transformers, rotating frequency converters are able to realize a voltage and frequency transformation due to the combination of machines with a differing number of poles. Typical cases are 50/60 Hz, 50/50 Hz or 60/60 Hz converters respectively. Rotating frequency converters always allow for a voltaic decoupling as well as an effective filtration since the primary and secondary parts are only coupled mechanically and not magnetically.

Either asynchronous or synchronous machines are used as drives for rotating frequency converters. However, only synchronous machines are employed as generators. The mechanical coupling of the machines may be carried out via belt or coupling. It is possible to install the machines separately or to mount them together on a base frame. The output for rotating frequency converter sets is within the complete AEM range of production (45 kW - 4500 kW).

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frequency converter
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