Clean energy produced by AEM hydropower generators

Hydro power generators have always had a considerable fraction of the AEM range of production, not only just recently when the use of renewable energy is steadily gaining importance.

AEM has the possibility to develop generators according to customer specifications due to its own calculation and engineering departments. Our high degree of in-house production depth as well as our long-time experiences with different fields of application make AEM an ideal partner for hydro power projects.

Since the foundation of the company, several hundred hydropower stations worldwide have been outfitted with AEM generators ranging from an output of 80 to 4100 kVA. This includes synchronous and asynchronous generators respectively. Either as vertical or horizontal construction type, for direct coupling or belt drive, AEM manufactures hydropower generators for all applications. AEM generators are well known as high quality products and taken into consideration for new projects as well as for the upgrading of already existing hydropower stations.

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AEM hydropower generators
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