Three-phase asynchronous motors/generator with squirrel cage rotors (short-circuit rotors)

Within the rotor consisting of electrical sheets, there are massive bars made from copper, brass or aluminium. These bars are connected with a short-circuit ring on both ends. This “cage” is the source of the name for this type of asynchronous machines. Squirrel cage rotors are extremely low maintenance and sturdy as neither carbon brushes nor slip rings are needed. Further advantages are excellent efficiency and positive thermal properties.

AEM develops and manufactures asynchronous machines in four different series. The major differences are in the type of cooling as well as the degree of protection. The AEM range of manufacturing includes surface cooled (R-series), force-ventilated (A-series), tube cooled (U-series) and water-jacket cooled (W-series) types. Three-phase asynchronous motors and generators with squirrel cage rotors may be implemented as low voltage machines (up to 1000 V) with an output ranging from 132 to 3500 kW as well as medium voltage machines (up to 6900 V) with an output ranging from 110 to 2500 kW.

At AEM, each machine may be adjusted constructionally and electrically according to customer specifications. Consequently, AEM supplies reliable, flexible and cost-effective drives and generators.

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squirrel cage rotors
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