Manufacturing of Three-phase synchronous generator started in Dessau in 1953

In 1953, the former VEB Elektromotorenwerk Dessau started the manufacturing of Three-phase synchronous generator. The listed hydro power station „Zülow“ in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania used two generators built in 1954 to generate power until 2005. Only after 51 years of operation, both generators were replaced by new ones manufactured by AEM. They have the same output but are of a smaller size with increased efficiency.

Nowadays, AEM synchronous generators are used in numerous fields of application. Generators produced by AEM are especially in demand, in case particular constructional or electrical conditions need to be realized. This applies to shipbuilding, hydro power, generators in block heat and power plants, emergency generators but also to the supply of test bay drives and specialized drives to name only a few.

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Three-phase synchronous generator
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